Thanks to all who joined us for “Sent to Shine” with Rev. J Ronald Knott. Below are some pictures of the event that were shared by Rev. Knott on his blog. View the blog here.

The Convenience and Selfishness of Playing Small

Out of fear I went off and buried your talents in the ground.
Matthew 25:25

Divine Mercy (picture behind me) is what I needed to get through my homilies!

Relatives, old girl friends, neighbors and fans all came for an encouraging word.

LEFT: Sister David Clare SCN was principal of Cross Roads School for 19 years.
MIDDLE: Sister Betty SCN housemate of Sister David Clare.
Karen Benock, Hospitality Committee
Cake made by  Lorrine Yokey  especially for the ocassion.

Of course, a few of my books were on sale. Business was good.
Jeff, in the red shirt, was keeping an eye on the money box for me.

You would not believe the food the various parish members brought for people to enjoy at theend of each night’s program. Amazing!

A flock of relatives and friends with Aunt Mary Catherine in the center.

My sister, Kaye, who is also a sister-in-law of Father Bob Ray.

My nephew, Stephen Wooldridge, and his wife Melissa